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July 18th, 2007 Posted in Artists, Producers

zerohour-sonic-rage¬†Georgi Dunkov a.k.a “Zerohour” born 1989 in the town of Plovdiv,Bulgaria. He began his journey into trance when he was 14 years old with Uplifting trance a.k.a. Victory and later moved on to more darker sounds. His composing ideas started with this very stile (Victory) and from 2005 the influence in the dark side became much more bigger. At this age he allready got several releases in difrent labels around the world and a Ep album. He is interested in acomplishing various sound styles from twilight psy/night full on up to more darker tunes.
Currently working on improving his style.

Style: night full on twilight psyzerohour-trance-on-edited

listen samples :


Another Realm


Demonic Whispers


Point Zero


Sonic Rage


Star Craft


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