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26.03.11 – Darkness bound at club Baja, Plovdiv.BG

March 8th, 2011 | Comments Off on 26.03.11 – Darkness bound at club Baja, Plovdiv.BG | Posted in PsyNews

26.03.2011 Darkness bound - club Baja, Plovdivthe lineup:

Zik – Greece – Insomnia Records
Kliment – Bulgaria – Electrik Dream
Gain Reduction – Bulgaria – PsyTech Team
Kundalini  – Bulgaria – Intelligent Monkey
Andonasty –  Bulgaria – PsyTech Team

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Minimal Criminal – Minimus Maleficarum 2010 debut album

December 18th, 2010 | Comments Off on Minimal Criminal – Minimus Maleficarum 2010 debut album | Posted in PsyNews

Cosmic Conspiracy Records (New Zealand) proudly presents “Minimus Maleficarum”, the debut Album from one of the most original and well-known names in modern dark progressive and minimal psytrance. After 2 years in the making this anticipated release brings you 9 tracks spanning a wide spectrum of psychedelic sound over a broad BPM range(128-138) with Minimal Criminal’s signature fat and heavy sound and production.

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New psytrance drum kit from G-Sonique

December 3rd, 2010 | Comments Off on New psytrance drum kit from G-Sonique | Posted in PsyNews

It’s time to introduce you the new drum kit specially made for psychedelic and progressive trance  producers – the perfect samples for your tracks.
Beginners and new producers often think that styles like trance, psytrance or progressive are mainly based on melodies, pads, FX or textures… However they often miss the most important thing – THE GOOD QUALITY GROOVY BEAT AND FINE TUNED BASS!
The quality bass and sophisticated groovy beat give these styles the true energy and drive that makes people dance. They leads the track and its micro-rhythmic the right way. More »

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Open records – compilation Expansion Pack

September 19th, 2010 | Comments Off on Open records – compilation Expansion Pack | Posted in PsyNews

Open Records is proud to present their long-awaited third CD compilation Expansion Pack, comprising a label boss and an innovative force in the Australian underground dance music culture Ian Woodsman.

Evryone who knows himself , knows that the area does not do anything in half. So when it comes to the problem together his compilation earlier this year, only one disk will never cut it.

After several months in the lab, he is finally ready to give us the expansion pack, 2-disc collection of thoughtful, intelligent, genre-mixing dance music, held together with clear accurate, Ian epic sound, which he called Australia a favorite DJs open.

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Echotek – Micro Friends – 2010 album

June 29th, 2010 | Comments Off on Echotek – Micro Friends – 2010 album | Posted in PsyNews
echotek micro friends album listen free samplesEchotek needs no introduction to prorgressive international trance scene in his 14-year musical journey Misha made an impressive discography that runs from the 75 original recordings, not to mention remixes or join cooperation.
During the long period of Misha has released a huge amount of emissions from the most respected labels and record companies there, including: Iboga, Plusquam, Spiral Trax, Stream Records, YoYo Planet BEN Records, Tatsu, Earpeak, MDMA, Analog Pussy, the are just some of the long list of places where you can watch Echotek music.
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