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Bulgaria – Rjana Open Air Part 4 (08-11.07.2010)

June 18th, 2010 Posted in PsyNews

Bulgaria - Rjana Open Air Part 4 (08-11.07.2010)FUNKADELIA presents: Rjana Open Air Part 4

We are pleased to welcome the fourth edition of the annual festival for different styles of electronic music Rjana Open Air. Again, the event will be held in the beautiful mountain Rjana, located in the western region of Stara Planina (Old Mountain), near the village of Ignatitsa 1500 meters above sea level. For one more time this year will present a wide range of electronic styles ..

You will enjoy: music in the evenings / night, captivating music in the morning, at noon refreshing music, relaxing music in the afternoons. In the late afternoon will focus on less popular styles of electronic music because of its authenticity and intelligence deserves its place in our playlist. Over 25 DJ will take care of your good mood, a unique combination of spectacular fire, fantastic decorations and beautiful natural scenery will contribute to the magical atmosphere of the festival. And of course, an integral part of the great experience – adrenalin traditional riding of trucks that will drive from the village to the event site. Bar with cold drinks and a kitchen with dishes firecooked will make you feel comfortable during the days of the festival


DJ’s & Groups:

Gain Reduction (Psytech Team)
Black Widow (Kamino Productions, Have A Nice Trip)
Tag (Magrathea)
Dickie (Artmospheric)
Shamanze (Monokom Supremes)
Chinchillah (Monokom Supremes)
Brokerz Breaks (basstards.org)
Ray (Funkadelia)
Kristoffer (Funkadelia)
Marshmellow (Funkadelia)
Mentaltest (Funkadelia)
Beatrider (Funkadelia)
Nagual (Nagual World)
DJ Vector (Frequency)
Stein (Underground Society)
DJ Invoke (Global Vision Circle)
Party Animals Bulgaria (DJ Kalex, Kurch & Liu Ben)
DJ Gudel
DJ Dokta

Visual Panic


Liquid Fire


» Thursday Night:
* 18:00-19:30: Downtempo » Marshmellow
* 19:30-21:30: Atmospheric D’n’B » Ray
* 21:30-23:30: Liquidfunk » DJ Gudel
* 23:30-01:00: Drum & Bass » x
* 01:00-02:30: Jungle » Jibri
* 02:30-04:00: Funky Techno » DJ Vector
* 04:00-05:30: Minimal Techno » Stein
* 05:30-07:00: Tech-House » d.5

» Friday Daytime:
* 07:00-09:00: Ambient » Therapist
* 09:00-11:00: Ambient IDM » Mentaltest
* 11:00-13:00: Atmospheric D’n’B » Ray
* 13:00-14:30: Chill Out » Nanera
* 14:30-16:00: IDM » Halojo
* 16:00-17:30: IDM » Zarevo
* 17:30-18:00: Chiptune » Mentaltest
* 18:00-19:30: UK Funky » Chinchillah

» Friday Night:
* 19:30-21:00: Liquidfunk » Krass
* 21:00-22:30: Drum & Bass » Ray
* 22:30-00:00: Breakbeat, Breaks » Brokerz Breaks
* 00:00-01:30: Breaks, Breakbeat » Nicolas
* 01:30-03:00: Tribal Techno, Acid Techno » Beatrider
* 03:00-04:30: Funky Techno, Tribal Techno » DJ Dokta
* 04:30-06:00: Minimal Techno, Tech-House » Shamanze
* 06:00-08:00: Progressive House, Progressive Trance » Isterix vs. Nagual

» Saturday Daytime:
* 08:00-10:00: Ambient, Chill Out, Downtempo » Marshmellow
* 10:00-11:30: Lo-Fi, Lounge » Ray
* 11:30-13:30: Organic Tech-House, Chillhouse » Party Animals Bulgaria
* 13:30-15:00: Future Garage » Chinchillah vs. Tekniq
* 15:00-16:30: Fusion, Ethnic, Ambient » Marshmellow
* 16:30-18:00: World Dub » DJ Invoke
* 18:00-19:30: Dub, Dubstep » Inkasi
* 19:30-21:00: Dub, Lo-Fi » Kristoffer

» Saturday Night:
* 21:00-22:10: Oratnitza (Concert!)
* 22:10-23:40: Breaks, Breakbeat » Nicolas vs. Brokerz Breaks
* 23:40-01:10: Progressive Trance » Black Widow
* 01:10-02:30: Psychedelic Trance » Marshmellow
* 02:30-04:00: Psychedelic Trance » Tag
* 04:00-05:30: Dark Psy Trance » Gain Reduction (Live!)
* 05:30-07:00: Psychedelic Trance / Goa Trance » (?)
* 07:00-08:30: Morning Psy Trance » Negada

» Sunday Daytime:
* 08:00-10:00: Ethnic Ambient » Marshmellow
* 10:00-12:00: Ambient, Chill Out » Ray
* 12:00-14:00: Progressive Trance » Dickie


You can get to the village of Ignatitsa by car or by train and then by bus. Trucks will be provided by which you will be able to go on with your trip from the village to the location of the event. The trip by the trucks is absolutely free as it is included in the price of the ticket!

***Travelling by car – if your start location is Sofia you should take the ring road following the direction to Novi Iskar. Then drive through Svoge, Lakatnik…until you get to the village of Zverino. When you enter the village, look for a sign pointing the direction to the village of Ignatitsa, where by turning right you pass along the bridge above the Iskar river. Keep to the main road. When you reach the village, you will be instructed by the truck drivers where to park your car.
The road from Sofia to Rjana goes along the Iskar defile and is divided into the following segments:
Sofia » Zverino (about 80 km); Zverino » Ignatitsa (5 km); Ignatitsa » Rjana (12 km)
The GPS coordinates of the village of Ignatisa:

N 43.06764°
E 23.59226°

**Important! :
1. Please consider the departure time (show below) of the trucks from the village of Ignatitsa to Rjana. Be on time, there is no time to wait.
2. The road from Ignatitsa to Rjana is not passable by car! You can get to the place by 4×4 jeep. However, it is not recommended.
3. The distance from Sofia to Ignatitsa along the Iskar defile is about 85 km or 2 hours of driving. Drive carefully as far as the road consists of many sharp turns.
4. Keep in mind that the traffic on Fridays is heavy. If you have chosen this day to travel, it is recommended to do it earlier. The first ply to the location by the trucks is at 5 pm. In case you are not able to come earlier, just plan some more travelling time.

*** Travelling by train and by bus – choose from the schedule of the trains listed below and go from Sofia to the village of Zverino. A bus will be waiting there in order to drive you to the village of Ignatitsa. The ticket price for the bus is 1 BGN. The train and the bus stations in Zverino are situated next to each other.

Schedule of the Trains you should choose from:

from Sofia (Central Railway Station) to Zverino:

• Thursday (08.07.2010); passenger train (slower but cheaper); departures at 14:20; arrives at 16:06; ticket price /standard fare/ is 3.60 BGN.

• Thursday (08.07.2010); express train; departures at 19:10; arrives at 20:25; ticket price /standard fare/ is 4.80 BGN.

• Friday (09.07.2010); passenger train; departures at 14:20; arrives at 16:06; ticket price /standard fare/ is 3.60 BGN.

• Friday (09.07.2010); express train; departures at 19:10; arrives at 20:25; ticket price /standard fare/ is 4.80 BGN.

• Saturday (10.07.2010); express train; departures at 07:15; arrives at 08:30; ticket price /standard fare/ is 5.80 BGN.

• Saturday (10.07.2010); passenger train; departures at 14:20; arrives at 16:06; ticket price /standard fare/ is 3.60 BGN.

**Important! :
1. It is important to take some of the above trains due to the schedule of the buses from Zverino to Ignatitsa and the schedule of the trucks from Ignatitsa to Rjana.
2. There will be 2 buses waiting at Zverino to drive you to Ignatitsa but in case of too many people coming, additional plies will be done by the buses. Such situation is not expected but if it happens, please be patient for 20 more minutes – the time it takes for the buses to go to Ignatitsa and return back to Zverino.

from Zverino to Sofia:

• Sunday (11.07.2010); passenger train; departures at 15:08; arrives at 16:55; ticket price /standard fare/ is 3.60 BGN.

• Sunday (11.07.2010); passenger train; departures at 16:52; arrives at 18:37; ticket price /standard fare/ is 4.30 BGN.

Transport from Ignatitsa to Rjana and from Rjana to Ignatitsa:

Once arrived at the village, before getting into the trucks, you should give your ticket or pay the entrance price. A bracket will be given to you. That will be your pass to the festival. Prior to leaving you will be instructed about the details of the trip. Great fun and an unforgettable experience follow but in order to avoid any accidents, please listen carefully to the instructions.

Trucks Schedule from Ignatisa to Rjana:

Departure Time:

* Thursday (08.07.2010): 1st run » 17:00; 2nd run » 21:00.
* Friday (09.07.2010): 1st run » 17:00; 2nd run » 21:00.
* Saturday (10.07.2010): 1st run » 09:00; 2nd run » 17:00.

Trucks Schedule from Rjana to Ignatisa:

Departure Time:

* Sunday (11.07.2010): 1st run » 12:30; 2nd run » 14:00; 3rd run » 15:30.


The tickets pre-sale will start on May 25th in the network of eventim.bg as well as in the following shops: Germanos, Office 1, Orange Center, Multirama, Tehnomarket, Djukian Meloman, Piccadilly and more.

Promotional tickets at 15 BGN are available till June 5th or till running out of stock. After this date, the tickets will be sold at the following prices:

* pre-sale:
» 20 BGN till June 30th
» 22 BGN from July 1th till July 7th
> the prices include all the days of the festival

* at the entrance of the festival:
» 25 BGN on Thursday and Friday (July 8th and 9th)
» 15 BGN on Saturday and Sunday (July 10th and 11th)



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