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Fractal psychedelic t-shirts for your dancing eyes

March 13th, 2012 Posted in PsyNews

smoke front - fractalic design Interview with the  main t-shirt designer of Fractalic Design. Talking about the prints and the festival life around the World.

– How long have you been designing Fractals? What got you into Fractal designing? And where does your creativity come from?

I first learned to recognize and admire fractals in my first psychedelic experience many years ago, and since then I see fractals everywhere I look, in the shapes of clouds, trees, flowers, moving water and even in a cup of coffee.
 I could sit by the river for hours and just watch this fractal turbulent movement of the water constantly changing and evolving, transforming into new shapes, similar but completely new every moment, in that fast transformation of fractals I could see faces of strange creatures immerging and disappearing instantly, in the twinkling of an eye. To me, fractals are the essence of the true beauty in nature ,they are the aesthetics of mathematical magic formulas that shape everything in our world from the micro to the macro .they are the dynamic chaotic shapes of nature, far more complex and refined from the boring dead geometric forms of modernism.

-What software are you using to design with?

mind reflections - fractalic designFew years ago I was surfing through the web, and was amazed to find programs that can create new fractals on the computer. To me it was like magic, playing with the formulas, being able to create new complex shapes, as if I was creating a brand new world. I started with simple programs on pc like Chaoscope, and continued with some more advanced programs like Mandelbulb3D, which is an amazing program, that completely sucked me in to a whole new mysterious 3D world of fractals.
The creation of a new fractal is always only the first step of a long process of forming my design. After I have an interesting fractal, I start working on it again in Photoshop, to fit it to the concept of a t-shirt. Sometimes, I would look for a face or an image within the fractal, and try to help it emerge up to the surface, and sometimes I will zoom in and out of the fractal reshape it in a more abstract way.

– What is your main ambition with your designs?

fractalic design.com is our new project. and Actually before that I was designing mostly women clothing that me and my boyfriend were selling for 6 years in Goa/trance festivals all over Europe, our shop name that time was ‘fairy-tale’. During that time, allot of men used to come into our shop, complaining that it’s really difficult to get special and beautiful men’s wear, as the only real unique designs are made mostly for women. Few of them suggested that most t-shirt prints in the market are only small-medium prints in the middle of the t-shirt and they would love to have some more effective prints. I realized that some men are tiered from the conservative fashion being forced on them in the mainstream fashion shops, some of them don’t want to conform into the idea that a man should be dressed up in a boring manner. Especially in festivals, men, just like woman, would like to stand up in the crowd and take a more active part in the aesthetic psychedelic celebration of the trance party. Oscar Wilde Once said “one should either be a work of Art, or wear a work of Art” and I thought – what a beautiful world it could be if we could do both at the same time.

– So you stopped making woman clothing?

After 6 years of designing for the beautiful woman of the festivals while all the time travelling throughout the world, I got a bit tired from designing woman clothing, which had to do much more with tailoring than with painting. And since my real passion was always painting and drawing I decided to start designing t- shirts prints, which has much more to do with arts. This doesn’t mean woman can’t wear our t-shirts and we are already working on girls figures.
Meanwhile I became an art student, and we decided it’s time for creating something new, so we started our new line fractalic design. We put up a workshop for printing next to our home and began with this new adventure. We do all printing ourselves and its great fun.

– Why should people wear your designs?

For me a really good party is always full of sounds, colors and psychedelic visuals, and this is not just the part of the decoration team, it is mostly all about the people you see around you.
In Woodstock for example there was no decoration at all, but the pictures remaining from that historical event are so interesting because of the people there, taking part in a psychedelic revolution. Each one of them looking like an art piece himself, and together, becoming a huge detailed fractal of people coming together, allowing themselves to be free. It is not about consuming fashion at all, it’s about giving and receiving psychedelic visual pleasure from the people around you that are sharing with you the time and space. It is not about ones ego, trying to look sexy and astonishing, it’s about forgetting yourself and becoming a part, a microcosms inside the big vibrating colorful fractal called the dance Floor.

– Do you use any black light sensitive paints in your printing?

 For now we do not use any of those colors since we feel it’s been done so many times before and starting to lose its effect. We try to concentrate more on making a very impressive and noticeable t-shirts without the use of black light colors. Still, the white print designs might shine.
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