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G-Sonique presents Transient shaping system+

October 7th, 2011 Posted in PsyNews
G-Sonique: Transient shaping systemAre your drums or percussion sounding unprofessional, boring and flat? Were they recorded in poor acoustic conditions or just missing transients, punch or energy? Or maybe it’s vice versa and their sound is too sharp and aggressive?
No problem! Transient shaping system+ is tool intended to fix most possible problems with your drums or percussion and give them a fresh modern sound, punchy shape and adapt their envelope or transients to your requirements.
Transient shaping system+ is not a dynamic processor that is controlled by input level amounts (like a compressor). Overall sound is controlled and shaped by its own dynamics and transients!

Mr. Jaro Valo, senior mastering engineer from Analog Dimension mastering studio explains :

“More than 70% of mixes from garage bands and home producers of electronic music we get for mastering are missing percussive energy, drive and transients on drums/percussion, they are sounding simply flat. While mix-engineers probably do not realize that tracks will be additionally compressed and limited during mastering and dynamic range/transients will be reduced by compressors, limiters during every professional mastering outfit to achieve desired loudness of record. So it is important to send transient-rich and punchy recordings to the mastering studio. Only then the final record will sound rich, fat and professional. Input mix should not be sounding flat, with squashed beats and without noticeable transients. Drums affect everything: dynamics and sound of the full song as well as behavior of the master compressor, limiter, etc”

G-Sonique: Transient shaping systemWhile Transient shaping system+ is primarily aimed at controlling transients of Drum or Percussion, it can be used on all instruments including guitars, keys, vocals, synths…

Let’s see some examples of using transient shaping system+ :

Are your drums recorded in poor acoustic conditions, sounding spilled and has too much recording room long reverb? Try preset: Beat – Short release

Are your drums missing energy, transients, modern sound or punch: Try preset: Beat – Punchy! Beat – Short and punchy, or Beat – Gentle boost.

Are your drums sounding too sharp and aggressive, presets: Beat – Very soft, Beat – Softer attack will probably fix your problem.

Do you want to have drums sounding like gentle Jazzy brush percussion: Beat – Jazz brushes 1, 2 or 3.

Are your drums sounding too sterile, void and empty, missing fat analog sound, presets: Beat – Analogue, Beat – vintage compress. or Beat – FAT will give them desired analog warmth and charisma.

Do you want to transform your drums or percussion into a background FX-style drum line: try preset Ultrashort.

Please understand that every item is different and it is nearly impossible to set presets that will fit every drum sample, so please adjust included presets to your recorded material.

G-Sonique: Transient shaping systemFeatured highlights:
Transient control – long: algorithm for controlling and shaping transients “from the perspective of a longer period of time (in milliseconds)”. Attack and release knob for setting shape of transients/beat envelope and transient amount knob for setting amount of boosting transients/envelope shape, set by attack and release knob.

Transient control – short: similar algorithm to Transient control – long just aimed to controlling, shaping and boosting transients/beat envelopes from the perspective of a short period of time (in milliseconds)

By combinations of short and long transient control you have full freedom to shape the transients / envelopes of your beat. For example: you can keep long transients in your beat but with just lower volumes (by setting a lower value of transient amount on the long transient control module) and in parallel, add a short and punchy transient boost by setting high values of transient amounts on the transient control – short module.
Input and output volume knob: similarly, as with an analog outboard you can affect overall sound by setting the level of input volume.

Saturation shaping of transient control – short/long module: if there are too sharp and intensive volume peaks / transients after boosting with TSS+  and you don’t want to compress/limit with additional compressors, you can transform the sharp shape of the transients into rounded analog sounding peaks / transients with transient shaping control.
Saturation shaping is not basic saturation of overall sound that adds higher harmonics as you know from vintage machines, it is just saturation/rounding of the signal from the transient control module long/sharp by which are multiplied original transients of the dry signal.

Bypass for comparing your track with and without the effect

Dry/Wet knob for precise setting how much of effect will be applied

Preset manager with 20 precisely selected example presets for electronic and acoustic Drums and Percussion.

link to the official g-sonique page

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