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Kliment – The Perpetual Ritual – electric dream

May 6th, 2009 Posted in PsyNews

kliment - the perpetual ritualElectrik Dream recs just released Kliment’s (Samodelia, Disham)  first ambient album – The Perpetual Ritual.

This much praised release is a quest for researching and sending deep messages through music in its many forms and variations.

Creating its own wonderful electronic audio universe with a spice of ethnic and psychedelic influences, this album guides you to both relaxing yet explosive melodic lines, whilst maintaining a warm emotional feel and a floating vibe of ambiance.

Electrik Dream and Kliment wish you happy travels on this endless sonic journey. Featured along with Kliment are several talented musicians, playing flute, basnuri, vocals, violin and trombone.


1 – Crystalline – Vocals by Milena Sergueeva & Nevena Nikolova

The album opens with a deep and melodious track that draws you into peace of mind. Crystalline is a journey traveling deep inside human emotions and exploring the freedom of the soul!

2 – Ether Aesthetics – Vocals by Nevena Nikolova & Kaval by Venzislav Dikov

Steady percussion mixed with some celestial voices, Ether Aesthetics is a hypnotic track drawn along on a soft psy break beat rhythm. Kliment’s melodies surface in this track like a well kept secret emerging into the light..

3 – Behind The Steps Of Death – Trombone by Fransisco Alvazzar

Steady hypnotic grooves take the listener deeper inside the journey. Soft psychedelic sounds draw you to a an instrumental part of the album creating more dimension and space at this point of the journey.

4 – Reflexive Meditation – Flute by Aura Rascon and Violin by Orlin Cvetanov

Reflexive Meditation guides us deeper inside this play of musical meditation. Reflexive Meditation is a beautiful journey into true psychedelic blend of melodies and flute.. The flute and ambient groove guides you to a break where the violin gently enters the composition, mixing perfectly with the flute in a magical way.

5 – Universe Alchemy – Vocal by Milena Sergueeva

In this part of the journey, celestial voices are mixed with groovy grooves a deep atmospheric track. Opening with some beautiful melodies then building to float you into Kliment’s harmonic universe.

6 – Travels To The Infinite – Flute by Aura Rascon and Mantra vocal by Pavel Terziiski

In Travels To The Infinite, Kliment drives us with hypnotic vocal mantras and a steady groove. The flute and the piano along with the Mantra set us forth on a journey to the infinite!!!

7 – Arowana

Arowana, a groovy bass line, classic ambient vocal samples with some IDM inspiration, magical celestial sounds and rhythms. Slight pace yet still maintaining a soft ambient tone. A beautiful track to bring to close to the end.

8 – The Interstellar Orchestra – Vocal by Milena Sergueeva, Bansuri by Aura Rascon, Trombone by Fransisco Alvazzar

The Interstellar Orchestra, the final track leaves you wondering why this album has ended as you crave for more. Building to a final crescendo in 4*4 rhythm, a track to close the journey, soft yet with enough pace to please all the passionate ambient dancers.

Kliment @ Myspace

Electric Dream page – samples and release info

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