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New psytrance drum kit from G-Sonique

December 3rd, 2010 Posted in PsyNews

It’s time to introduce you the new drum kit specially made for psychedelic and progressive trance  producers – the perfect samples for your tracks.
Beginners and new producers often think that styles like trance, psytrance or progressive are mainly based on melodies, pads, FX or textures… However they often miss the most important thing – THE GOOD QUALITY GROOVY BEAT AND FINE TUNED BASS!
The quality bass and sophisticated groovy beat give these styles the true energy and drive that makes people dance. They leads the track and its micro-rhythmic the right way.

That best psytrance and progressive tracks have always had the totally sophisticated beats, not only some simple kicks and bass, but luxury and strong beats that consist of line of closehats, shakers, openhats, rytmical layers of different snare drums, good quality claps, hammers and last but not least the series of groovy liquid percussions. A quality psytrance track can be recognized easily.

The Psytrance and Progressive DRUM KIT 1 by G-Sonique offers more than 1000 special drum samples which emphasize your creative potential and allows you to create professional basis for the tracks – the rhythmical groovy beat that makes people dance! It has never ever been so easy to create dark, stirring and hammer style percussive dark trance beat, uplifting proggy beat full of natural and liquid percussions, euphoric and energetic full-on beat or mechanically restructured robotic tech-trance beat before!
So what’s inside?

Kick drums: 116 samples
Percussions: 284 samples
Hi-hats/Open-hats: 109 samples
Snare drums: 147 samples
Claps: 71 samples
Electronic sounds, hits, FXs: 139 samples
FX: 76 samples
Bass: 24 samples
Blips and clicks: 49 samples

Total samples: 1015 samples!

Visit G-Sonique site for more info, sound examples and demo songs

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