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Sunhize- Dream Machines – unicorn music

April 26th, 2008 Posted in PsyNews

sunhize - dream machines - unicorn Mike Petropoulos aka Sunhize known also from his previous releases through Unicorn Music, Yellow Sunshine Explosion and Cosmicleaf hassome collaborations with artists as Side Liner, Aviron and Eniak.Discover his sound and you will not regret!

‘Dream machines’ can be described as a classic timeless tool of progressive music for… dj sets and airplays. A beloved part of your music collection for home listening.
Fresh in sound along with tight production, Sunhize’s album is a melt point of various progressive styles influenced by genresof electro, house and more. Working on his ‘dream machines’ produced a soundwhich is ‘food’ for ears. A unique sound that respects the old progressive style, honour the new, and dreams about the future one

Enjoy the new progressive trance gem of Unicorn Music.

1. Time Flies Forward

2. Starless (vs. Eniak)

3. Dream Machines

4. Moments Of Jack (vs. Side Liner)

5. Simplicity

6. Be Your Shadow (vs. Aviron)

7. Skylines

8. Electrobot

9. Firestorm (Aviron rmx)

10. Subsequence


Unicorn records website

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