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Tactic Records – Massive Passive – compilation

November 6th, 2007 Posted in PsyNews

massive passive tactic records ‘Massive Passive’ CD includes 9 previously unreleased hits, produced by Tactic Records hand picked dream team including Toxical, Phobia, Unique and Tactic Mind. This Massive compilation release features also a track by Insomnia, collaboration between Tactic Mind and Ultravoice, and a remix to Bizzare Contact Vs. Ultravoice track, by Tactic Mind. Massive Passive is one of those rare compilation releases which just sits perfectly no matter where it is presented.

Tactic Records was established in the beginning of 2007, by Leon Gossler aka Tactic Mind. Leon’s years of activity, strong passion to the art of music, and extensive knowledge in the formation of Trance beats lead him to the only natural place of forming a label. It took 2 long years for the official formation of Tactic Records, years were Leon turned the world upside-down seeking new innovative talents which are distend, with the right management, to take over the dance floor by storm. Tactic Records presents fresh, pumping, innovative and intelligent sound for the dance floor. Leon, known for his exquisite taste in music, decided to embark on this journey with the desire to establish a fresh new platform for multi-talented artists.

Tactic Mind has laid down its mantra!

1. Sub-atomic

2. Hot Leads

3. Be yourself

4. Flaming

5. Radio Cosmos

6. Peace Of Mind

7. Ultrabizzy (Tactic Mind rmx)

8. Hug and Roll

9. Computer Land

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Buy this CD – PsyShop.com

Tactic Records official website

Tactic Records at MySpace

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