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VA Hadracadabra 4 – Hadra records

March 19th, 2009 Posted in PsyNews

hadracadabra 4 VA - hadra Hadra is here again with the fourth part of the killer series Hadracadabra. The French label bring us brand new compilation covering one more time the whole psychedelic trance spectrum with 10 previously unreleased tracks. This new CD gives us the opportunity to hear new tunes by some of the finest international artists such as Atomic Pulse, A-Team or Reality Grid. Of course, it also allows us to discover the latest productions and collaborations of the Hadra artists.

Shotu is offering high-quality collaborations with EVP and Rev, Barak produced another track of his very own style. This new release also gives us an introduction to the work of very talented D-Root, Hadra’s first progressive live act, and The Snorkies, Shotu’s side project with Occy.
In short, this compilation is a safe bet that will surprise you!  Just let yourself get carried away!


1. Timemover – KULARIS
2. Extended Vision Chapter II (Fatali, Atomic Pulse rmx)  – ATOMIC PULSE, SHANTI
3. Ding Ding – SNORKIES
4. Pionealer – REALITYGRID
5. Buggy bouncer – SHOTU, REV
6. Lost Hardware (Shotu rmx) – EVP, SHOTU
7. Space Shock – BARAK
8. Taam Shel Paam – A-TEAM
9. Eruption – D-ROOT
10. Crime Business – SENSIFEEL

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