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VA – Ryonic Spaces – PsyTropic Records

July 13th, 2007 Posted in PsyNews

{mosimage} “Ryonic Spaces” is PsyTropic Records’ latest backstroke to the scene with well selected psytrance tracks which will rip through the dancefloors all over the world. 
10 previously unreleased and exclusive tracks from very well-known artists such as Slug, Perplex, PsyNina, Miraculix, Tron, Miditec, Galactika, Rumble Pack, Cycle Sphere and last but not least a new female artist called Luckyy Seven that all will blow your mind with its unique and new range of psytrance music. It is fresh, it is powerful and it is special.
Within "Ryonic Spaces" you will find another stage of nowadays psymusic that you will love and re-
listen over and over again ! 

Compiled by:  DJ Chemicus 
Mastered by:  Triptych

Tracklist :

01. Intro “Silence” spoken by PsyNina 
02. PsyNina – Level Of Creation 
03. Rumble Pack – Dream Vision 
04. Cycle Sphere – Enzyme
05. Miraculix vs. Trinodia – Half Past Dead
06. Slug – I Believe 
07. Luckyy Seven – Crypton #7
08. Perplex vs. Michele Adamson (Indra Rmx)-Meltdown
09. Miditec – Galaxy Wave
10. Galactika vs. PsyNina – Cocaine Serotonine
11. Tron – Hostage

links :

web : http://www.PsyTropic-Records.com

buy or listen samples :  https://psy-buy.com/?art=649



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