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VA Strange Side Of The Moon – PsyMoon Records – free download

June 10th, 2008 | Comments Off on VA Strange Side Of The Moon – PsyMoon Records – free download | Posted in Downloads

va-strange-side-of-the-moon-psymoon-records PSYMOON REC is an is an independent label whose main base is located in Serbia, Belgrade from small town Batajnica. The label aim is to release projects that produce psychedelic, experimental and obscure Trance, with concept, intelligence and harmonic sounds.

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Phonokol Records : Jack in the Box VA

December 9th, 2007 | Comments Off on Phonokol Records : Jack in the Box VA | Posted in PsyNews

phonokol-jack-in-the-box-compilationFor all the full-on psychedelic lovers Phonokol proudly presents, ‘Jack in the box’, the new compilation of Phonokol’s acts and artists. This compilation includes the ‘Cream’ of Phonokol 2007, and leading names such as: Gataka, DNA, Hypersonic, and uprising project like Twina, ITP, SynSUN, Biotouch, Perlook and Morfix
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Tactic Records – Massive Passive – compilation

November 6th, 2007 | Comments Off on Tactic Records – Massive Passive – compilation | Posted in PsyNews

massive passive tactic records ‘Massive Passive’ CD includes 9 previously unreleased hits, produced by Tactic Records hand picked dream team including Toxical, Phobia, Unique and Tactic Mind. This Massive compilation release features also a track by Insomnia, collaboration between Tactic Mind and Ultravoice, and a remix to Bizzare Contact Vs. Ultravoice track, by Tactic Mind. Massive Passive is one of those rare compilation releases which just sits perfectly no matter where it is presented.

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VA – Feel the Pain – Hypnotica Records

May 24th, 2007 | Comments Off on VA – Feel the Pain – Hypnotica Records | Posted in Releases

va - feel the pain - hypnotica_records Hypnotica Records are proud to announce their third compilation ‘Feel The Pain’. This compilation is filled with underground night time music for all the dark freaks around the world.
A gathering of ten different (new and already established) artists from Bulgaria (Gain Reduction / PsyTech Team ), Portugal, Brasil, India, Macedonia, Sweden and Israel, gathered together they will bring you the pain! All tracks have been selected and compiled by our own Pacifist.

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Triplag VA – Triplagitus Shamanitus

May 24th, 2007 | Comments Off on Triplag VA – Triplagitus Shamanitus | Posted in Releases

Triplag VA - Triplagitus Shamanitus Following true spirit of Triplag we would like to present you with free Triplag VA vol. 1 release – Triplagitus. Main intention of this release is to bring new names to the wide audience with a help from more established acts and Triplag promotional channels. This compilation including two young PsyTech Team producers – ZeroHour and DJ CyberGod.

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