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Open Source – ENORMOUSLY insignificant

May 13th, 2014 | Comments Off on Open Source – ENORMOUSLY insignificant | Posted in PsyNews

open source You are 1 person out of 7 billion people, on 1 solar system out of 200 billion solar systems, in 1 galaxy out of 200 billion galaxies, in 1 universe out of an infinite number of parallel universes, and that makes you ENORMOUSLY insignificant to this world. After 2 years of making, Open Source proudly announces his upcoming “ENORMOUSLY insignificant” solo album, including 9 new soulful tracks made out of extreme effort. His fifth solo album will be elevated as a musical apocalypse. The producer stated that the final result was achieved after countless hours of intense work and energy consumption. Every piece is a self-inclusive story with strong editing complexity, brilliant vocal lines and a picturesque melody, uniquely made for enticing you to stand up and move. Expect AWESOME uplifting vibes, produced with enormous passion,  proficiency and compiled for ambitious non-commercial tastes.

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FAT plus Smart analog, Vacuum tube, Tape effect simulation from G Sonique

October 28th, 2012 | Comments Off on FAT plus Smart analog, Vacuum tube, Tape effect simulation from G Sonique | Posted in PsyNews

G Sonique has  just released a new product G-Sonique FAT+Smart analog/Vacuum tube/Tape effect simulation   G Sonique has  just released a new product G-Sonique FAT+Smart analog/Vacuum tube/Tape effect simulation

Make your particular clean and present day style of immersion – the most expected fix to wipe out unwanted peaks and build on the overall loudness of a signal.
In music,mixing and creation there exists 4 strategies for disposing of unwanted peaks of a  signal and improving the overall loudness of channels or the whole mix. They are : compression, hard clipping, soft clipping or saturation.

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Echotek – Micro Friends – 2010 album

June 29th, 2010 | Comments Off on Echotek – Micro Friends – 2010 album | Posted in PsyNews
echotek micro friends album listen free samplesEchotek needs no introduction to prorgressive international trance scene in his 14-year musical journey Misha made an impressive discography that runs from the 75 original recordings, not to mention remixes or join cooperation.
During the long period of Misha has released a huge amount of emissions from the most respected labels and record companies there, including: Iboga, Plusquam, Spiral Trax, Stream Records, YoYo Planet BEN Records, Tatsu, Earpeak, MDMA, Analog Pussy, the are just some of the long list of places where you can watch Echotek music.
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Muscarin – Gain Reduction – Full-on Mix

June 16th, 2007 | Comments Off on Muscarin – Gain Reduction – Full-on Mix | Posted in Downloads
MyckaPuH (Gain Reduction / PsyTech Team ) – “Full-on” mix
date : 02.02.2007
lenght: 66 min
style : full-on

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